Meetings & Financials


San Miguel Educational Fund
Board of Directors-Regular Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, July 24, 2014 5:00 pm
Telluride Room, Wilkinson Library 


 1) 5:00 – CALL TO ORDER

 2) 5:02 – Public Input 

3) 5:20 – Staff/Committee emailed reports

4) 5:45 – Old Business:
a) Underwriting discussion

5) 6:10 – New Business:
a) High school senior scholarship

6) 6:20 – Executive Session (contracts)

7) 7:00 - ADJOURN



San Miguel Educational Fund Board of Directors
Regular Meeting: June 11, 2014 – Library-Telluride Room

Board members present:
Robert, Ray, Jerry, Ashley, Mark , Dave
Staff members present: Dina, Steve Johnson
Public in attendance: Janet Humphreys, Kathleen Erie, Norman Squier, Heather Sackett, Todd Creel

5:05 – Meeting called to order by Ray

5:06 – Public Input: Norman asks about Ski Swap date, BG streaming and Halloween party. Dina updates. Todd suggests looking into Pavilion costs for Halloween. Janet questions special events cut-back. Jerry encourages membership participation. Ray states board’s decisions.  Kathleen requests info on membership list. Robert talks about future meeting dates.

5:35 – Staff/Committee Reports: Board wants monthly email staff reports for all departments. Mark moves to give Asst. manager/music director a raise or bonus. Dave seconds. Jerry comments on inappropriate discussion on issue. Motion fails 5-1. Robert updates bylaws revision committee. Dave moves to appoint Terry Tice to bylaws committee. Ashley seconds. Unanimous. Bylaws Revision Committee is comprised of: Jerry, Robert, Dina and Terry. 

5:50 – Old Business:

a)     Underwriting discussion. Jerry talks about automation system, suggests gradual approach and states we are in violation of FCC policies by running NPR underwriting. Dina to research NPR guidelines.

b)    The Ride contract discussion. Dave and Steve updates contract talks.

c)     P & L 2012/13 comparison discussion 

6:45 – New Business:

Election committee discussion. Robert states all election matters be handled by staff with an outside member overseer.

Election matters include: announcement of election, interviews of candidates, ballot and bylaws revision mailing, counting of ballots and annual meeting.

6:55 – Dave moves to go into Executive Session in order to discuss The Ride contract negotiations. Ashley seconds. Unanimous

6:55 – Five minutes break

 7:00 – Executive Session – The Ride contract

7:50 – Dave moves to come out of Executive Session and back into Regular Session. Ashley seconds. Unanimous

Discussion of date for next regular meeting depends on availability of venue.

Robert will email board after research.

Dave moves to continue meeting until Wednesday, June 25th at 5:00pm. Ray seconds. Unanimous

7:58 – ADJOURN



San Miguel Educational Fund Board of Directors
Regular Meeting: May 14, 2014 – Library-Telluride Room
Board members present:
Robert, Ray, Jerry, Ashley, Mark @ 5:10, Dave @ 5:15.  
Staff members present: Dina, Cara, Ben
Public in attendance: Janet Humphreys, Kathleen Erie, Jody Borzilleri, Heather Sackett

5:02 – Meeting called to order by Ray
5:03 – Public Input: Kathleen Erie asks about requested documents
5:05 – Staff/Committee Reports:
Jody gives overview of Lip Sync, Street Dance and Scapplefest.
Suggests event coordinator position to spread throughout the community (event by event). Lip Sync and Street Dance had positive cash flow. Scrapplefest broke even and covered all expenses. 
Ben discusses Tip of the Month, website survey, call-in show, NPR, PRI, The World, Democracy Now (costs and needs). Possible survey questions.
Dina discusses ski swap dates, Eco-Action grant, natural gas into studio, Bluegrass Festival broadcast on KOTO.
5:55 – Old Business:
Balance sheet questions and discussion. CPB payment due in mid-June. 
Grant questions
6:10 – New Business: Preparing for SMEF election. Bylaws revision discussion. Robert moves to form Bylaws Revision Committee, Ashley seconds. Unanimous.  Committee comprised of Jerry, Robert and Dina with Mark if necessary. Consider general public member.
6:16 – Dave moves to excuse Director Joe McClure from SMEF meeting that he may miss due to his shoulder injury, Jerry seconds. Unanimous
6:20 – Underwriting discussion:
NPR and Telluride Foundation underwriting discussion. Robert suggests that staff  be directed to find ways to eliminate underwriting credits, especially four (4) NPR key spots. Jerry suggests a moderate approach in order for staff to proceed incrementally. Staff will talk with Telluride Foundation and report back at June meeting.
7:15 – Break
7:25 – Dave moves to go into Executive Session in order to discuss contract negotiations concerning The Ride. Ashley seconds. Unanimous
7:58 – Dave moves to come out of Executive Session and back into Regular Session. Robert seconds. Unanimous
8:00 – ADJOURN             
next meeting scheduled for June 11, 2014 5:00 at WPL




2012 Public Financial Disclosure

2013 Budget 5.9.13 Draft

2014 KOTO Budget 12.10.2013

KOTO Balance Sheet 3.18.14

KOTO Profit and Loss 3.18.14



June 27, 2013 Meeting:

Make KOTO heard throughout the community

KOTO invaluable community asset – Ride Board & Trash or Treasure

Norwood perspective – citizen with no tie.   Great example of free press – sense of community   protect that aspect of KOTO

KOTO is a dying breed – need to get youth involved

News tip line

Comment line

Have a reason to listen to us if it’s local – they can’t get it anywhere

Collaborate with Daily Planet? 

Feature local businesses – businesses turn on

The more you get people involved the more they listen and get their friends to listen

Positioning music

DJ’s don’t want their time cut into

Democracy Now is cut on a regular basis – why?  – It’s the one place we can have flexibility in the schedule.  If we need to throw special community programming that’s where we put it. 

Radio calendar in the news

Fills in for DJs – give djs a list to find their own sub

Need solutions to why people aren’t listening anymore

Hightower news?  Cut out because News didn’t like?

Predictability – programming list

DJ’s little blurb – on website

DJ list


July 29, 2013 Meeting:

Dealing with non-compliant DJs – fallout – stop poor programming

Consistent expectations —- consistent consequences

Matter of taste – Program Director’s decision is final

What is board’s role in programming discussion?

Annual DJ contracts very important

Communication regularly – weekly DJ email

DJs find own sub

ED needs to listen to all shows & give feedback

Music distribution to top DJs to listen to before filing

Proper training is a must