Meetings & Financials


San Miguel Educational Fund
Board of Directors-Regular Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 5:00 pm
Telluride Room, Wilkinson Library

1) 5:00 – CALL TO ORDER
2) 5:02 – Opening statement
3) 5:10 – Public Input
4) 5:30 – Reconsideration of special election to elect board members
5) 5:35 – Executive Session (The Ride contract)
6) 6:15 – Staff/Committee email reports from ED
7) 6:45 – Mortgage renewal with Alpine Bank 
6) 7:00 - ADJOURN


San Miguel Educational Fund Board of Directors
Regular Meeting: March 19, 2014 – WPL-Telluride Room.
Board members present: Robert, Ray, Joe, Dave, Mark, Ashley @5:29
Staff members present: Dina, Tanya, Cara, Corey

# public in attendance:  14

5:04 – Meeting called to order by Ray
5:05 – Ray, Board President, introduces Steve Johnson, SMEF legal counsel.
Steve explains special election not allowed under bylaws
5:11 – Mark moves to have full board resign; motion dies due to lack of second. Mark moves to appoint Jerry Greene to vacant seat on the board.
Dave seconds and moves to table motion allowing the public to speak on topic. Unanimous
Ray opens the floor to public input on the motion.
5:16 – Public comments:
* membership rolls
* annual meeting
* volunteer list
* appointment of director
* stop negative energy
* encourage positive energy
* wait for yearly election
* past P&L’s not accurate
* great fundraising winter ‘14
* improved communications
* everything going in the right direction
5:59 – Discussion on appointment of director to fill open seat on board
6:08 – Robert calls the question.
6:10 – Jerry Greene appointed to board seat unanimously
Jerry moves to address all public agenda items before going into executive session, Dave seconds, Unanimous
6:15 – Staff reports from Dina and Cara
audit/street dance/fundraising/volunteer system/website help/underwriting/member meeting/news/public affairs
6:45 – Mortgage renewal with Alpine Bank discussion
7:00 – Ashley moves to accept approved loan (option #1), Dave seconds
7:10 – Dave moves to go into Executive Session (The Ride contract)
attorney/client discussion
7:45 – Moves back to open session
Ashley moves to appoint Dina, Ray, Dave and Steve to The Ride committee,
Joe seconds, Unanimous
7:58 – ADJOURN          
 *next regular scheduled SMEF meeting: 5/14/14 WPL



2012 Public Financial Disclosure

2013 Budget 5.9.13 Draft

2014 KOTO Budget 12.10.2013

KOTO Balance Sheet 3.18.14

KOTO Profit and Loss 3.18.14



June 27, 2013 Meeting:

Make KOTO heard throughout the community

KOTO invaluable community asset – Ride Board & Trash or Treasure

Norwood perspective – citizen with no tie.   Great example of free press – sense of community   protect that aspect of KOTO

KOTO is a dying breed – need to get youth involved

News tip line

Comment line

Have a reason to listen to us if it’s local – they can’t get it anywhere

Collaborate with Daily Planet? 

Feature local businesses – businesses turn on

The more you get people involved the more they listen and get their friends to listen

Positioning music

DJ’s don’t want their time cut into

Democracy Now is cut on a regular basis – why?  – It’s the one place we can have flexibility in the schedule.  If we need to throw special community programming that’s where we put it. 

Radio calendar in the news

Fills in for DJs – give djs a list to find their own sub

Need solutions to why people aren’t listening anymore

Hightower news?  Cut out because News didn’t like?

Predictability – programming list

DJ’s little blurb – on website

DJ list


July 29, 2013 Meeting:

Dealing with non-compliant DJs – fallout – stop poor programming

Consistent expectations —- consistent consequences

Matter of taste – Program Director’s decision is final

What is board’s role in programming discussion?

Annual DJ contracts very important

Communication regularly – weekly DJ email

DJs find own sub

ED needs to listen to all shows & give feedback

Music distribution to top DJs to listen to before filing

Proper training is a must