San Miguel Educational Fund Board Meetings




San Miguel Educational Fund
Board of Directors-Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 5:00 pm
Program Room-Wilkinson Public Library

5:05 – September minutes approval
5:15 – Public Input
5:35 – Staff/Committee emailed reports
6:00 – Old Business: Bylaws Revision
7:00 – New Business: 2015 Budget
7:45 Update regarding the pending petition validation and action.

8:00 –  ADJOURN


San Miguel Educational Fund
Board of Directors-Regular Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, September 17, 2014 4:00 pm
Telluride Fire Station

4:05 – August minutes approval
4:10 – Call to Action Petition: Consideration of Secretary’s findings and Attorneys recommendation re: Sufficiency of Directors removal Petition received August 19, 2014; Consideration if warranted of setting Special Election date and mailing of ballots.
4:30 – Budget presentation and discussion:
Consideration of possible Amendments to the 2014 budget.
6:00 – Public Input
6:30 – Staff/Committee emailed reports
6:50 – Old Business: The Ride discussion
7:15 –  New Business:
a)    Review of Committee suggestions for Bylaws Amendments and
Recommendation to Members for Adoption of Amendments.
b)    SMEF BOD job description




San Miguel Educational Fund Board of Directors
Special Budget meeting minutes: December 1, 2014
KOTO station meeting room

*Subject to final board approval at next board meeting

Board members present: Ray, Robert, Dave, Jerry
Staff members present: Dina, Tanya
Public: Norman Squier, Mark Dollard, Amy Peters, Kathleen Erie

5:10 – Meeting called to order by Ray

5:15 – Tanya goes over proposed 2015 budget vs. 2013-14 budgets line by line. Questions and comments on various line items are answered by staff.

6:50 – Dave moves to approve 2015 budget with the following changes:

#1 – Tanya will break out the sales tax for liquor sales & ski swap. Line items #4010 and 4020.

#2 – Tanya will create a separate line item under “Other” and remove the repayment of past debt from “Programming” to “Other”. Line item #6200

#3 – Foundation grant will be converted to “Telluride Foundation Grant”. Line item #4270.

#4 – Wireless – Last Dollar. Line item #6615:
Staff will research this and the appropriate adjustment will be made.

#5 – Add $1500 to RMCR repayment and $500 to NFCB dues.
Line items #6270 and 6260.

#6 – Ask staff about removing water bottle – line item #6575.

Jerry seconds. Unanimous

6:55 – ADJOURN

San Miguel Educational Fund Board of Directors
Regular Meeting minutes: November 19, 2014 – WPL-Telluride Room

*Subject to final board approval at next board meeting

Meeting called to order at 5:05 p.m.
SMEF members present: Ray, Joe, Jerry, Mark, Dave arrived late. Robert is excused.

September minutes approved – Joe makes the motion – passes unanimously

Public comment: Kathleen Erie asked if SMEF’s tax returns were filed on time and why we have a draft copy of our audit on the website. Janet Humphrey requested information on the October financials.

Staff reports: A wrap up on the Ski Swap was given, including the new POS system. Discussion was held on the recent Off the Records featuring SMEF board candidates.

Bylaws discussion: The Bylaws Revision Committee consisted of Terry Tice, Jerry Greene, Robert Allen and Dina Coates Koebler
*Jerry gave historical perspective on the bylaws that were written 40 yrs. ago. He was working toward a simpler democracy
*A discussion was held concerning the problematic nature of volunteer hours vs. donor dollars to track and have an objective membership list.
*Discussion was held on the importance of the chain of command between the board as a whole and the ED vs. individual board members and individual staff members.
*The board reiterated that their focus should be to set policy NOT run the station or tell the staff what to do.
Mark wants to move the bylaw discussion to the new board in January. Jerry stated this is not a product of the board.

After much deliberation Dave moves to recommend that the following bylaw revisions, as presented by the Bylaws Committee, are proposed to the 2015 SMEF Board:
Article I:
*Revise the proposed $25 membership fee to $10
*Candidates for directors shall be current SMEF members (Sec 4) strike the rest
Article II:
*Sec 2 – in elections with more then three open seats…
*Sec 5 – needs thought – minimize board vote on contracts
*Sec 7 – need to go back to Article I toward end of Sec 4 – directors shall take office at the first regular meeting in January
Annual & member meetings powers are limited to making recommendations to the board of directors

Article IV:
*Notice given before meetings notice broadcast at least 7 days prior to the meeting and broadcast at least 4x per day
*Special meetings – notice given 5 days prior and the notice must include the subject or agenda of the meeting
*Emergency meeting – the notice must include the subject or agenda of the meeting

Article V: An email vote shall count if the response comes from the email of record and is considered signed.
Article VI: New board picks up

Discussion concerning the upcoming annual meeting was held. ASAP will start to count the votes prior to 5 p.m. to facilitate having a decision during the meeting. The staff will compile a “year in review” for members. The agenda will then time for members to provide input on fundraising, programming and special events.

The order of the agenda was switched to address the third recall petition.
Robert Allen has been in California and has not reviewed the petition. Bylaws state it must be reviewed by the Secretary. Ray recommends that we appoint an interim secretary to validate the petition and begin the conversation there. Dave moves that we elect Jerry Greene as Interim Secretary for the purpose of validating the recall petition for the board. Mark seconds. Passes unanimously. If recall ballots are mailed they must be done so by December 19, 2014.

Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.

San Miguel Educational Fund Board of Directors
Regular Meeting minutes: September 17, 2014 – Fire Station
* Subject to final board approval at next board meeting

Board members present: Ray, Mark, Robert, Joe, Dave @4:30, Jerry @4:45
Staff members present: Dina, Cara, Tanya
Number of public in attendance: 27
Number of public with comments: 14

4:05 – Meeting called to order by Ray
4:06 – Ray moves to approve August minutes, Joe seconds with correction by Mark on previous motion to place board job description on agenda.  Unanimous
4:08 – Call to Action petition. Steve Johnson presents his legal opinion of special recall election being invalid. Steve explains that bylaws require hand-written signatures and that there are two separate petitions. Mark states that there is only one petition and challenges hand-written petition vs. electronic signatures. Public input follows. Ray concludes based on KOTO attorney recommendation petition is invalid and no action is needed. No motion was made or seconded to call a special election.
4:45 – 2014 Budget presentation. Ray explains format.
5:03 – Tanya explains budget challenges from 2012-13. Public discussion on the 2014 budget. Tanya goes over 2014 amended budget point by point allowing public questions. Kathleen Erie makes suggestions for further budget revisions. BOD and Tanya agree to research. BOD agrees to approve revised budget after final changes in next few weeks either by unanimous vote or special meeting.
Mark Dollard suggests quarterly financial statements to be reviewed by board.
Allan Gerstle suggests all updated financials to be on website.
Janet Humphreys presents financial fall summary.
7:17 – Staff/Committee Reports
7:24 – Old Business: The Ride Festival discussion. Telluride Productions has applied for 2015 dates with KOTO having the liquor license.
7:35 – New Business: Mark moves to have 2014 SMEF board election ballots to ASAP to be counted by ASAP with oversight by Karen Patterson and Kai Schuler. Dave seconds. Dave suggests amendment: Ballots delivered to KOTO studios (as per bylaws) shall be kept in a locked box and delivered to ASAP on counting day on December 11th. Mark accepts amendment. Unanimous
Bylaws revisions was discussed and will be sent to board for approval.
SMEF BOD job description. Jerry suggests posting final job description on website. Dave and Jerry form a job description committee.
7:50 – ADJOURN

** next regular board meeting: November 19th @ WPL 5PM