Meetings & Financials


San Miguel Educational Fund
Board of Directors-Regular Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, August 19, 2014 5:00 pm
Telluride Room, Wilkinson Library


1) 5:00 – CALL TO ORDER

2) 5:02 – Public Input

3) 5:20 – July minutes approval

4) 5:30 – Staff/Committee emailed reports

5) 6:00 – Old Business: a) The Ride Festival

6) 6:30 – New Business: a) SMEF BOD job description

7) 7:00 – ADJOURN



San Miguel Educational Fund Board of Directors
Regular Meeting minutes: July 24, 2014 – WPL-Telluride Room

*Subject to final board approval at next board meeting

Board members present: Ray, Jerry, Ashley, Mark, Robert, Joe via phone, Dave @5:32
Staff members present: Dina, Corey
Public in attendance: Janet Humphreys, Kathleen Erie, Adam Mosier, James Loo, Todd Creel, Marta Tarbell

5:01 – Meeting called to order by Ray

5:02 – Public Input: Kathleen and Adam asks about The Ride simulcast. James reads personal comments dealing with simulcast. Janet questions past financial statements. Todd suggests collaborative effort to get artist agreements in the future.

5:35 – Staff/Committee Reports: Mark suggests walkie-talkies for simulcasts. Robert asks for final financials for The Ride beer booth. Jerry praises staff reports and amount of new music in the studio. Jerry asks about NPR representative. Jerry comments on sound quality. Dina will submit comparison financial report at August meeting.
Bylaws committee to meet in August.
Robert moves to appoint Karen Patterson (KP) as a committee of one to oversee the 2014 election process. Dave seconds. Unanimous

6:00 – Old Business:
a) Underwriting discussion. Jerry and Joe comments on underwriting.
b) Board minutes discussion – Jerry moves to change current minute’s procedure: email review of minutes to approve them for posting subject to final approval at the next regular meeting. *Posted minutes should have a line that says subject to final board approval at next board meeting. Dave seconds. Unanimous

6:30 – New Business: Robert suggests the 2015 budget include a THS senior scholarship grant.

6:35 – Dave moves to go into Executive Session in order to discuss The Ride contract. Joe seconds. Unanimous

7:45 – Dave moves to come out of Executive Session. Joe seconds. Unanimous

7:46- Dave moves to adjourn regular meeting. Joe seconds. Unanimous

7:47 – ADJOURN

next meeting: August 19th, WPL @5PM



2014 KOTO Budget

2013 KOTO Budget