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News for Jan. 28
Council approves CCAASE funding recommendations
Thom Carnivale’s seat will be filled by appointment
Telluride’s unusual weather patterns explained

News for Jan. 27:
Laugh it up: Comedy Fest around the corner
Town Council discusses detox center
Colorado has culture: New report ranks state No. 1 in arts outings

News for Jan. 26:
Telluride Aids Benefit has a new director
Protecting the grouse: local officials weigh in
Town council to tackle full agenda Tuesday

News for Jan. 23:
KOTO elects new officers, adopts Code of Conduct
A Fire Festival recap
Sherbino Theater celebrates major milestone

News for Jan. 22:
Lip Sync emcees take a trip down memory lane
Affordable housing meeting set for Sunday
Republicans defeat bill that would clarify gay marriage laws

News for Jan. 21:
Ideas shared to solve transit problem
The power of a dream: local woman heads to Africa
A new Masters Minute is in

News for Jan. 20:
Thom Carnevale talks resignation announcement
Sweet Deals offline and ON stage
State speaker discusses oil and gas

News for Jan. 19:
Town Council member announces resignation
The 13 weeds that could save your life: Durango author to give book talk
Medical Moment addresses longevity

News for Jan. 16:
KOTO recall election unsuccessful
San Miguel Valley Corporation proposal moves forward
Skier life-flighted off mountain

News for Jan. 15:
Hospital district acquires land for future center
Bruin and Sunrise part ways
Mineral rights bill introduced

News for Jan. 14:
Subdivision application continues to spur debate
Inaugural Fire Fest to light up the town
Hickenlooper sworn into office

News for Jan. 13:
Date rape incidents reported over holiday
Hunter sentenced in poaching case
Temple Grandin visits the Western Slope

News for Jan. 12:
Gilmer steps down as CCAASE chair
Medical Moment addresses anxiety drugs and dementia
A recap of the Ouray Ice Festival

News for Jan. 9:
Highlining comes to Telluride
Judge Westfall honored for 26 years of service
A new Friday Sports Roundup is in

News for Jan. 8:
American Songbook Festival to come to Telluride
Manhunt spans two states, leads to felony arrest
Lawmakers converge on State Capitol

News for Jan. 7:
EcoAction proposes greenlight program
Plans in the works for next IG meeting
Durango woman dies in avalanche near Silverton

News for Jan. 6:
Shandoka, Lot B to see permit parking
Mayor delivers state of the town address
Winners of Venture Accelerator program announced

News for Jan. 5:
Town shops get a makeover
Longtime local dies in river crash
Medical Moment addresses colon cancer