“Off the Record” Archives


The KOTO News Team has produced the public affairs show “Off the Record” every Tuesday since January 2014. We have archives of past shows here at the station. If there’s one you missed and you can’t find it on this page, just stop by or request the file by emailing news@koto.org. Thanks for listening!
tf_logoThe Telluride Foundation provides a grant supporting the “Off the Record” program.

– A discussion about a proposed raw water system in Norwood

May 17, 2016

– A discussion with Mike Grady, co-owner of Alpine Wellness

May 10, 2016

– BYOB: Young folks talk Telluride

May 3, 2016

 – A discussion about marijuana cultivation in San Miguel County

April 26, 2016

– Current happenings and other news with SMPA

April 19, 2016

-Came for the library, stayed for the library: a discussion about the future of Wilkinson and libraries in general

April 5, 2016

-Giving props to AmeriCorp VISTA volunteers

March 22, 2016

– A discussion about the Pandora Mill


March 16, 2016

– An update on the Telluride Medical Center


March 8, 2016

– Regulating drones and the future of drone aviation

March 1, 2016

– A discussion on mental health

February 23, 2016

– BYOB: Telluride Gay Ski Week


February 16, 2016

 -Sen. Jeanne Nicholson talks Amendment #69 ColoradoCare, hosted by Progressive Women’s Caucus of the San Juans


February 9, 2016

-A discussion about artificial athletic fields


February 2, 2016

-A discussion on the Four Corners


January 26, 2016

-A discussion on housing Pt. 2 with Sean Murphy, Joan May, Bill Jensen, & Kris Holstrom


January 19, 2016

 – A discussion on entrepreneurship in the region, nation, and world

January 12, 2016:

 – An update on the future regional medical center

January 5, 2016:

 – A discussion on housing pt. 1 with Paul Major, Sean Murphy and Dan Jansen


December 30, 2015:

 – Town Manager Greg Clifton talks year in review


December 8, 2015:

– Telluride Ski & Golf with Chuck Horning, Bill Jensen, John Cohn and Scott Clements


December 1, 2015:

– Grief during the holidays with Maribeth Clemente, Dr. Tara Gray and Pastor Pat Bailey


November 24, 2015:

– San Miguel Educational Fund board candidates: Mark Izard, Jim Berkowitz, Doug Tooley



November 17: San Miguel Educational Fund board candidates: Mark Dollard, Tom McGlade, Shauna Palmer


October 27: Mayor Stu Fraser: A retrospective


October 13: Mayoral candidates forum: Todd Brown, Sean Murphy, Bob Saunders


October 7: Town Council candidates forum II: Mishke, Kristen Permakoff, Bill Sheppard, DeLanie Young


October 6: Town Council candidates forum I: Lars Carlson, Alec Jacobson, Paul Jones, Peter Lundeen


September 29: A debate on lot line vacations with petitioners and opposition


September 23: School Board candidates Jenni Ward, Paul Reich, Rain Almoney


September 22: School Board candidates Cheryl Miller, Kevin Holbrook, Mark Westman