Daily Newscasts

Newscast 11-22-17

– Preliminary hearing reveals host of new details in Norwood murders
– Seth Cagin talks statehouse campaign
– Mountainfilm hires Beraza as permanent festival director

Newscast 11-20-17

– 10 people vying for 5 seats on KOTO’s governing board
– GMUG seeking comments on forest assessments
– Cagin announces bid for statehouse

Newscast 11-17-17

– Forest service approves Telski’s plan for improvements
– Lawson Hill bus service expanded
– New sexual harassment claims at the Capitol

Newscast 11-16-17

– Recount keeps Hatcher ahead of Fraser in school board race
– Police meet with immigrants to address concerns
– Mountain Village approves new operator of Hotel Madeline

Newscast 11-15-17

– Ski resort announces delayed season opening
– Commissioners consider west end trail connector
– Norwood Ranger District offers end-of-year report

Newscast 11-13-17

– Ballot Issue 1A, what’s next?
– Telluride Fire Festival cancels January event
– Upheaval at the Capitol amid claims of sexual harassment

Newscast 11-10-17

– Honoring our vets
– Town activates new traffic counters
– Fresh Flour Movement comes to Norwood
– State rep accused of sexual harassment

Newscast 11-9-17

– SMART announces two new transit routes
– Marijuana legalization hit five-year anniversary
– Controlled burns planned for Mountain Village area

Newscast 11-8-17

– A 2017 election recap

Newscast 11-7-17

– Sheriff to talk marijuana cultivation caps in Norwood
– Student athlete finalist for prestigious award
– Montrose authorities investigating another homicide

Newscast 11-6-17

– What to know on the eve of Election Day
– A discussion with the town finance director
– Mountain Village offers new incentive program

Newscast 11-3-17

– BootDoctors sells to Christy Sports
– A Friday Sports Roundup with Soleil Gaylord
– Get ready to fall back on Sunday

Newscast 11-2-17

– Campaign finance records show steep spending
– Ophir reclamation project mitigates large contamination
– Iconic river advocate Katie Lee remembered

Newscast 11-1-17

– SMPA offers update on reliability project
– Ann Brady bids farewell after 8 years on council
– Montrose authorities investigate homicide

Newscast 10-30-17

– Commissioners to hear update on reliability project
– Winter storm warning is in effect
– Broadband a big state issue this election

Newscast 10-27-17

– Norwood murder suspect gives birth to another child
– Regional leaders meet to discuss behavioral health issues
– Carbondale church provides sanctuary for immigrant

Newscast 10-26-17

– Classes focus on the root of food
– An interview with new Telluride Town Manager Ross Herzog
– Telski reminds listeners of closure

Newscast 10-24-17

– A deeper look at the Norwood murder case
– Telluride names new town manager
– Telski announces uphill closure

Newscast 10-23-17

– Judge unseals affidavit in Norwood murder case
– Telluride dispatches crews to California fires
– Town council narrows in on town manager decision

Newscast 10-20-17

– Registration is open for youth Nordic Club
– Telluride Foundation gets significant grant for broadband
– Turning guns into garden tools

Newscast 10-18-17

– Council candidates file first round of campaign finances
– County commissioner discusses sage-grouse lawsuit
– Telluride Arts accepting applications for small grants program

Newscast 10-16-17

– Town manager finalists meet the public
– Fundraiser shines light on public lands issues through film
– Cat with plague is released to family

Newscast 10-13-17

– San Miguel County files suit against BLM
– Horror Show promises to be more frightening than ever
– Farmers Market sees sunny last day

Newscast 10-12-17

– SMART hires executive director
– Telluride’s post man heads to Ireland
– New legislation could affect Antiquities Act

Newscast 10-11-17

– DA talks Norwood homicides
– Village seeks input on possibilities for empty parcel
– Telluride police chief named in JonBenet Ramsey lawsuit

Newscast 10-9-17

– Cat tests positive for plague
– Author to host community talk Wednesday
– Lawmakers examine state water issues

Newscast 10-6-17

– Finalists for town manager job announced
– The anatomy of a backcountry rescue
– Further gondola closures scheduled next week

Newscast 10-5-17

– TSRC offers a real estate update
– Long-term winter forecast shows promise for skiers
– Second annual Indigenous People’s Day promotes peace and healing

Newscast 10-4-17

– Meet KOTO’s new reporter
– Suspects in Norwood murder case appear in court
– SMART to discuss increased transit options
– Gravel pit application withdrawn

Newscast 10-2-17

– An interview with outgoing SMRC Executive Director Mandy Miller
– Town Council to meet Tuesday
– Gravel pit public comment deadline draws near

Newscast 9-29-17

– Suspect in Norwood homicides misidentified
– State treasurer candidate swings through town
– Ridgway construction project is complete!

Newscast 9-28-17

– Town budget highlights
– Mountainfilm announces Symposium theme
– An update on high mountain passes

Newscast 9-27-17

– SMART has a finalist for ED position
– Forty years of keepin’ the dough local
– Coonskin Tower proposal goes before commissioners. Again.

Newscast 9-25-17

– Coonskin tower project hits another hurdle
– Symposium melds hospitality and technology
– Now’s the time to weigh in on regional transit

Newscast 9-22-17

– County Commissioner plans listening sessions
– New Mountain Village council member looks forward
– Governors across the west to focus on workforce development

Newscast 9-21-17

– Mountain Village Town Council appoints new member
– Miriam Tabares, one year later and cancer free
– Revenue forecast for state of Colorado

Newscast 9-20-17

– Black Box Theater to be named after Glider Bob Saunders
– Students get the green light for falcon research project
– Hickenlooper calls lawmakers back to work

Newscast 9-18-17

– Telluride joins statewide compact to address climate change
– More gondola closures on the way
– Horror Show announces first wave of films

 Newscast 9-13-17

– Court hearing offers new details in Norwood murder case
– Norwood residents heavy-hearted and at a loss
– Students propose environmental project
– An update on the town manager search

Newscast 9-11-17

– Sheriff Masters offers update on double homicide in Norwood
– SMART narrows down candidates for executive director
– Lawmakers discuss wildfire solutions

Newscast 9-8-17

– Four suspects facing charges in homicide of children in Norwood
– Inaugural KOTO Fall Street Dance brings irie vibes
– Part III of “Resilient Colorado” series explores solutions

Newscast 9-7-17

– Know your rights: ACLU comes to Telluride
– Wildfire burning near Dolores
– Part II of “Resilient Colorado” series explores the aftermath of the coal downturn

Newscast 9-6-17

– School board candidates announced
– The ins and outs of the Imogene Pass Run
– Resilient Colorado: How the loss of mining jobs has rural towns struggling to survive

Newscast 9-1-17

– Commissioners consider new marijuana rules
– Residents receive letter about potential personal info leak
– Telski and Two Rivers on the brink of compromise

Newscast 8-31-17

– Mountain Village Town Council member resigns
– Another hiker requires overnight rescue
– Film Fest announces program selections
Newscast 8-30-17

– Telluride Town Council candidates line up
– Rico Elementary: A unique school with unique challenges
– Hepatitis a on the rise in Colorado
Newscast 8-28-17
– Man arrested Saturday after hours long hunt
– Rico joins the transit conversation
– Students head back to school
Newscast 8-25-17

– Hickenlooper talks broadband, presidential bid and belt buckle
– One year later: Glider Bob remembered
– South Carolina man dies Thursday on Tomboy Road
Newscast 8-24-17

– Hickenlooper visits Telluride to talk rural resiliency
– Wrong turn results in overnight rescue
– Ahhh, the sound of silence: library renovations complete
Newscast 8-23-17

– Deputies respond to gunshots Down Valley
– Telluride Mountain School announces new head of school
– Eclipse madness peaks Monday at Town Park
Newscast 8-18-17

– Locals latch on to eclipse hullabaloo
– Fire District sees insurance rating improvement
– Donna Lynne enters governor race
Newscast 8-17-17

– State attorney general candidate swings through Telluride
– Commissioners hear from all sides on Two Rivers development proposal
– Cory Gardner put in the hot seat at town halls
Newscast 8-16-17

– Ophir will soon see high-speed internet
– A tribute to Wendy Brooks
– Telluride sales tax revenues continue to soar

Newscast 8-14-17

– Man killed by lightning strike near Telluride
– Two Rivers residents speak out against Telski development proposal
– Locals rally to fight racism

Newscast 8-10-17

– Celebrating the library’s Oak Smith: A man of many faces
– Future med center facility a topic at Monday IG meeting
– Good Samaritan law goes into effect

Newscast 8-9-17

– SMART board convenes Thursday
– The Western Flyers soar into Norwood
– New drugged driving measure goes into effect

Newscast 8-7-17

– Council hashes out criteria for new town manager
– Dry Creek Basin dog boarder faces more charges
– Mesa Verde asks for help combating vandalism

Newscast 8-4-17

– Struck! Local tells tale of lightning strike survival
– Town Council appoints acting town manager
– Coen Brothers to film in Telluride

Newscast 8-3-17

– Sunnyside housing project moves forward
– Shandoka snuffs out cigarettes
– Forest Service considers expansion of Boggy Draw trail system

Newscast 8-2-17

– Sunnyside housing project moves forward
– Shandoka snuffs out cigarettes
– Forest Service considers expansion of Boggy Draw trail system
Newscast 7-31-17

– Town Manager accepts position in Vail
– SBG Productions presents Jazz Fest
– Mountain Village Police Depart. celebrates National Night Out
Newscast 7-28-17

– Mountain Village has a new mayor
– Wendy Brooks is Outstanding Citizen of the Year 2017
– Vail Resorts announces “zero footprint” effort
Newscast 7-27-17

– County mourns loss of Terry Adams
– Redvale dog breeder sentenced on animal cruelty charge
– Wetlands are fen! A report from last week’s tour in Prospect Basin
Newscast 7-26-17

– Mountain Village election investigated
– Large development to go before P&Z
– Mountain Club talks trail plan
Newscast 7-24-17
– Mountainfilm moves forward on heels of Holbrooke departure
– Former astronaut is this week’s Punk Science presenter
– KOTO recap: Local man purchases notorious mining claims
Newscast 7-21-17

– Local man purchases notorious mining claims
– Telluride EMT featured in Rockies magazine for quick response
– Canyon of the Ancients removed from federal review list
Newscast 7-20-17

– Telluride School Board appoints new member
– The (downward) dog says of summer: Yoga Fest is here
– EcoAction Partners releases annual report

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